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Vinyl Boat Names, Lettering & Decals - Installed Locally

Boat Name Installer | All Tampa Bay | St. Petersburg | Clearwater | Sarasota | Bradenton  Are you looking for a skilled and affordable boat lettering installer? I make and install vinyl boat names, decals and graphics throughout the Tampa Bay area. Each boat name is designed with attention to detail and applied with care. I use the highest quality, marine-grade, vinyl materials for all lettering projects. Prices for products, services and installation are listed below. Over 20 years of experience means your lettering will be done efficiently, affordably - and with the highest of quality.

Jack Coletti
St. Petersburg
  • Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee & Sarasota Counties
  • Any location on land or in water
Midnight Oil Workshop
  • Starting at $135 installed.
  • Compare vinyl prices to popular online DIY boat lettering sources.
  • Itemized quotes for design, vinyl & installation.
  • Most boat names are completed in 3 to 10 days.
  • Installations are typically scheduled from Thursday-Sunday.
  • Rush orders accomodated as I am able.

How to order and schedule boat lettering ...

Step 1: Confirm your quote & provide details
Call me at 727-209-7537 or use my contact form to send me an email. I will respond by asking a few questions about your boat name project. I will then email you a solid quote.
Step 2: Email drafts until satisfied
You will recieve emailed drafts (usually with a number of options) until you are happy with the appearance and layout. Hull mockups are provided with your photo for sizing and placement.
Step 3: Installation at your location
On installation day, I will bring the Signmobile to your boat's location - where I will make precise hull measurements - cut and prepare your vinyl onsite - prepare the hull as needed - and install your boat name - all in one visit.
Step 4: Pay with check, cash or credit card
After you are satisfied with my work, I will send you an invoice with payment options. I accept checks, cash or online credit card payments (w/ 3% processing).

Examples of Vinyl Boat Names
by Midnight Oil

Installation Package Examples

Prices are discounted for full service design, hull prep & lettering

One Color Boat Name, Installed

You pick the font and choose any standard color - up to 4' long. Any boat on a trailer or with land access.
2nd side add $60

2 Color, Remove Old & Install New

Includes font choices, email drafts, hull mockups, remove old vinyl, compound/buff hull, install new name.
up to 4ft

Remove & Install, Floating Platform

1 color name with hailing port, installed w/ floating work platform.
up to 4ft

- Font & Artwork Options-

Use your own font

You can send me your favorite font or use one of these links to view countless free fonts online. (more about fonts & vinyl). more

Font Suggestions/Drafts

I can provide you with multiple font options based on my experience & artistic eye. Selections will be offered based on discussion about style. more
up to 3 drafts

Clipart Preparation

Artwork found online must be "wireframed" and prepared for vinyl cutting. The artwork must also be of sufficient resolution to get a clear final result. more
per image

Graphic Design

Custom font modification or other artwork beyond simple clipart is charged at an hourly rate. Most designs are done in 1 or 2 hours. more
per hour

- Hull Preparation Options -

Clean Hull

I clean every hull with soap and water followed by a wipedown of denatured alcohol to remove all dirt and wax before lettering. more
with installation

Remove Old Vinyl & Glue

With the right tools and supplies, even old weathered vinyl can be removed efficiently and without damage to the boat's hull. more
$10.00/ft after 4'

Wet Sand & Buff Gelcoat

Weathered hulls may get chalky and may wear unevenly. Gelcoat can often be carefully restored with wet sanding and buffing. more
$15.00/ft after 4'

- Vinyl Materials-

Cut & Prepare Vinyl

I use the highest quality, marine grade vinyl on all boat graphics. Fee covers vinyl material and its preparation (cutting, weeding, taping, etc)(3ft min)more
Standard Marine Grade
Premium & Metallic

Additional Color Layers

Color layers may be used for graphics, outlines, drop shadows or any other design element. more
Marine Grade
Premium & Metallic

- Vinyl Installation-

Onsite Installation

Workmanship and your satisfaction are fully guaranteed. Price is per color layer.more
$10/foot after 4'

Floating Work Platform Fee

Includes work platform and additional crew, if needed, to assist in this more challenging type of installation. more
$10/foot after 4'
Midnight Oil Workshop
St. Petersburg, Florida
Licensed | Insured


  • Pinellas, Hillsborough, Manatee & Sarasota Counties
  • Any location on land or in water
Floating Work Platform
Floating work platform
Boat Name Gift Idea
Boat Name Gift Idea

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"...Awesome. Thanks for a job well done! "

-Mark Kretzer

"...I was there Monday afternoon and if I had not already told you, it looks fantastic. Thank you for such great work and attention to detail."

-John Harrison, BOA

"... suggestions about size and placement was spot on. Excellent work! "

-Capt. Jess Penzler

"... Thanks again for the fastest response I have seen in the Florida boating community! "

-Nicole Vinson

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